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Vertagear vs DXRacer vs AKRacing

Vertagear vs DXRacer vs AKRacing - Which chair you should choose?

The gaming world is getting bigger and better. Earlier there used to be dedicated Computers and GPUs for gamers, but now we even have dedicated gaming chairs that give the best comfort to gamers. 

Extreme gamers are always on the look for the best gaming consoles, GPUs for high-end graphics. And just like they demand the best gadgets they also require the best chairs for comfort. 

The best gaming chairs in the market are Vertagear, AKRacing a DXRacer and all three manufacturers make the best premium chair for gamers. To an ordinary eye it all the seats might look similar, but there are differences that only a keen eye can spot and choose the best.


DXRacer is one of the most favorite gaming chair brands, and it boasts the largest selection of chairs. DXRacer offers seats for people of different sizes and shapes thus providing the best personalized seating experience. 

Best DXRacer Chair

DXRacer has both cheaper models and premium models that can carry weight up to 440 pounds. Gamers can select from a wide array of chairs that come in either fabric or PU-Leather.


AKRacing has the second largest chair selection for gaming and just like DXRacer it also has personalized chairs based on a person's body stature.

AKRacing has chairs in vibrant colors that will match the furniture at your home and gives an aesthetic look. 

AKRacing Chair Review

The main USP of AKRacing is that it is a little bit cheaper than DXRacer and that's the reason it popular among gamers. 

Although it is a great brand with both premium and more affordable variety what is lacks its presence in the some countries. In USA you should not have problems with buying chair on the Amazon.


Vertagear is a good upcoming brand. Gamers have appreciated its 4D armrests which give them a proper control over their arms when playing for longer durations. 

Vertagear Chair

It does not has a big collection like DXRacer and AKRacing but offers 4 different styles and comes in many different colors. 

It is considered an affordable alternative to DXRacer and AKRacing.


Well, the best gaming chair is DXRacer followed by AKRacing and Vertagear, but each of these chairs has something unique to them that gives gamers some comfort during long gaming sessions.